Calendar and Notices

Liturgical Schedule

Sun 26th July – Sunday 2nd August 2015

Sun 26th:
9th Sunday after Pentecost, 2cl
Comm of St Anne, Mother of the B.V.M. at Low Mass

Mon 27th:
Feria, 4cl
Comm of St Pantaleon, M

Tue 28th:
Ss Nazarius and Celsus, MM, Victor I, Pope, M, and Innocent I, Pope, Cf, 3cl

Wed 29th:
St Martha, V, 3cl
Comm of Ss Felix, Simplicius, Faustinus and Beatrice, MM

Thu 30th:
Feria, 4cl
Comm of Ss Abdon and Sennen, MM

Fri 31st:
St Ignatius of Loyola, Cf, 3cl

Sat 1st:
St Peter in Chains, 3cl

Sun 2nd:
10th Sunday after Pentecost, 2cl


Confirmation classes resume today at 11am.  There will be a short meeting for the parents of those to be confirmed at 11am in the car park outside the meeting room.

Our Lighthouse CD booth in the tea room is up and running.  Please come and browse the titles.

Rebecca Scriven will be selling tickets for the upcoming Parish Social event, a tour of the Adelaide Oval with a hot buffet lunch for $50 pp.

The Holy Name Men's Group meets this Wednesday, 29th July, beginning with the Rosary in the Church at 7.30pm, followed by a talk in the Meeting Room, concluding with coffee.  All Welcome

Next Sunday there will be the monthly post-1st Holy Communion class at 11am and also a book stall after mass.  (Fr McCaffrey will be away next weekend in Brisbane on supply to the Latin Mass Community there following Fr Jordan's death.)

Saturday 15th August is the Feast of the Assumption.  There will be a Sung Mass at 8.30am and a Low Mass at midday.

The Assumption Rosary Pilgrimage (15th Aug) will leave Holy Name at 9.45am after the Sung Mass and return about 6.30pm.  The itinerary will be available next week.  To book a seat on the bus, please see Rob Marsh.

Please remember the sick in your prayers, especially Barrine Lowney (Mary Gazzolo's mother), Brian Barry, Josie Scriven, Kamila Kuniczek.  Please remember also the recently deceased in your prayers, especially Fr Greg Jordan, SJ, Margaret (Peggy) Moran, Wendy Cumming (Janette Castine's mother), and Brian Wyld (Phil Wyld's brother and Damian Wyld's uncle), and those whose anniversaries occur about this time, especially Mary Agnes Henderson.

There is a morning cuppa after the 9:15am mass each Sunday in the meeting room.  All are welcome.  Please make an effort to return your cups to the kitchen at the end of morning tea.  Also please be careful of small children when exiting the carpark after mass and a reminder to all parents to watch their children after mass.

Also a reminder that no literature of any kind may be distributed before or after mass without prior consultation and approval by the Chaplain.