Calendar and Notices

Liturgical Schedule

Sun 23rd October – Sun 30th November 2014

Sun 23rd:
24th and Last Sunday after Pentecost, 2cl

Mon 24th:
St John of the Cross, Cf, D, 3cl
Comm of St Chrysogonous, M

Tue 25th:
St Catherine, V, M, 3cl

Wed 26th:
St Silvester, Abb, 3cl
Comm of St Peter of Alexandria, Bp, M

Thu 27th:
Feria, $cl

Fri 28th:
Feria, 4cl

Sat 29th:
Sat of the B.V.M., 4cl

Sun 30th:
1st Sunday of Advent, 1cl


Confirmations classes continue today Sunday, Nov 23rd at 11am. 

There is sausage sizzle after mass today, Sun 23rd Nov.

The last Bioethics for young adults class of year will be held this Mon 24th Nov at 7:30pm.

The Holy Name Men's Group meets this Wednesday, 27th Nov, beginning with the rosary at 7:30pm in the Church followed by a talk.  All welcome.

The Choristers will give a small concert of Christmas Carols in the Ellengowan Hall at morning tea after mass on Sunday 21st Dec, the last Sunday of Advent.

The Mothers and Daughters’ camp will be held this coming weekend, the 28th, 29th & 30th Nov this year (Fri evening to Sunday midday).  If you are interested, please see either Fr McCaffrey or Rob Marsh, or take a flyer.
Congratulations to Lewis Nguyen who was baptized last Sunday.

Catherine Middeldorp will marry Jarrad Louw at 1:30pm on Saturday, 6th Dec, at 1:30pm at Holy Name. All are welcome to attend the wedding.

An older single male parishioner is looking for short to medium term accommodation.  If you think that you may be able to help, please see Fr. McCaffrey.
Please remember the sick in your prayers, especially David McGowan, Bethany Marsh, Fr Joseph Terra, FSSP, Elizabeth Sloniec, Kamila Kuniczek.  And please remember the recently deceased, especially Marissa Corlevitch

There is a morning cuppa after the 9:15am mass each Sunday in the meeting room.  All are welcome.  Please make an effort to return your cups to the kitchen at the end of morning tea. Also please be careful of small children when exiting the car park after mass and a reminder to all parents to watch their children after mass. 
Also a reminder that no literature of any kind may be distributed before or after mass without prior consultation and approval by the Chaplain.