Calendar and Notices

Liturgical Schedule

Sun 17th September 2017 – Sun 23rd September 2017

Sunday 17th
15th Sunday after Pentecost, 2cl

Mon 18th
St Joseph of Cupertino, Cf, 3cl

Tue 19th
St Januarius, Bp, and Companions, MM, 3cl

Wed 20th
Ember Wednesday in September, 2cl
Comm of Ss Eustace and his Companions, MM

Thu 21st
St Matthew, Ap, 2cl

Fri 22nd
Ember Friday in September, 2cl
Comm of St Thomas of Villanova, Bp, Cf

Sat 23rd
Ember Saturday in September, 2cl
Comm of St Linus, Pope, M

Sunday 24th
16th Sunday after Pentecost, 2cl


There will be a Confirmation class today at 11am in the Atrium.  The last class will be held next Sunday.

The youth group meets this Friday evening.

Please remember the sick in your prayers, especially Miki Caputo, David Green,  Adrian Hookway, Roger Harrington and Vincenza Martucci (Ines Barson’s mother). Please remember also the recently deceased especially Hughie Keeris, and also those whose anniversaries occur about this time.

Just a reminder that all children need to be accompanied to and from the toilet, ideally by an adult family member. Please be careful of small children when exiting the car park after mass and a reminder to all parents to watch their children after mass. It would be appreciated if you could park at the back of the car park near the creek first and avoid parking in the numbered spaces in front of Ellengowan Hall. There is more car parking available in St Peter’s Street (across Payneham Rd), and also across the creek (off Nelson St). Thank you for your understanding.