Calendar and Notices

Liturgical Schedule

Sun 21st August – Sun 28th August 2016

Sunday 21st
14th Sunday after Pentecost, 2cl

Mon 22nd
Immaculate Heart of the B.V.M., 2cl

Tue 23rd
St Philip Beniti, Cf., 3cl

Wed 24th
St Bartholomew, Ap, 2cl

Thu 25th
St Louis, K, Cf, 3cl

Fri 26th
Feria, 4cl,
Comm of St Zephyrinus, Pope, M

Sat 27th
St Joseph Calasanctius, Cf, 3cl

Sunday 28th
15th Sunday after Pentecost, 2cl


Confirmation class continues this Sunday at 11am.  

The Youth Group meets this Friday.
Our Father’s Day Cake Stall will be in a fortnight’s time, after the 9.15am mass on Sunday 4th Sept. The proceeds will go to the CREX pilgrimage transport.  Donations of baked goods greatly appreciated.  Thank you for your support.

Please remember the sick in your prayers, especially, Josie Scriven, Vincenza Martucci (Ines Barson’s mother), Kamila Kuniczek.  Please remember also the recently deceased, especially Ralph Sorrell and Bruno Bogna, and also those whose anniversaries occur about this time.

Please be careful of small children when exiting the car park after mass and a reminder to all parents to watch their children after mass.  (The fence is on its way!)  Please note that when the fence is installed, car parking at the church will be more difficult.  It would be appreciated if you could park at the back near the creek first. Thank you.

I am on leave from 16th August to 16th September.  For part of that time I will be attending my original seminary class reunion in Poland.  (It will be 18 years this year since we made our 1st Promises.)  I will remember you all in my prayers and will pray for you particularly at the Shrine of Our Lady at Czestochowa.  Fr. M.