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Community Registration / Census

Please help us have an up-to-date contact list and Adelaide Latin Mass Community register.

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Liturgical schedule

This week's bulletin is available here

Sun 4th September 2022 – Sun11th September 2022

Sunday 4th
13th Sunday after Pentecost, 2cl

Mon 5th
St Laurence Justinian, Bp, Cf, 3cl

Tue 6th
Feria, 4cl

Wed 7th
Feria, 4cl

Thu 8th
Nativity of the Bl. Virgin MSun 4th September 2022 – Sun11th September 2022

Fri 9th
Feria, 4cl
Comm of St Gorgonius, M

Sat 10th
St Nicholas of Tolentino, Cf, 3cl

Sunday 11th
14th Sunday after Pentecost, 2clary
Comm of St Hadrian, M


Happy Fathers’ Day!

Today is our annual Fathers’ Day Cake Stall after the 8am and 9:15am Masses. Your support is greatly appreciated and helps with the rental costs of buses used for our St Joseph, Pentecost, Rosary and Christus Rex Pilgrimages.

The Christus Rex pilgrimage this year runs from 28-30 October. Pilgrimage flyers, including those for the Adelaide bus, are available. Pilgrimage Contact: James Marsh; Adelaide bus contact: Rob Marsh.

Servers’ practice continues tomorrow, Monday, from 5:30pm–6:30pm.

There is no Scripture class this Monday evening.

The next Into the Breach session is this Wednesday at 6:45pm.

Introduction to the Faith classes continue this Thursday at 7:30pm. This week’s
topic: “The Blessed Trinity.” All welcome.

The next Post First Holy Communion Class will be next Sun. Sept. 11.

Please note the dates for our:
- Mother & Daughters’ Camp: 7-9 October. Contact: Bianca Fisher
- Father & Sons’ Camp: 14-16 October. Contact: Brett Green
Information and registration forms are now available for both Camps by the side doors of the Church. Registrations are now open. If a family is attending both camps, the cost of the second camp is half-price.

Please do not place any advertising material in the church without the prior
permission of the chaplain. Thank you.

Welcome to new parishioners. If you are new to the Latin Mass or new to Holy Name, please don’t hesitate to introduce yourself to either Fr McCaffrey or Fr Sofatzis after mass. There is a cuppa after the 9.15am mass every Sunday in
the tea room behind the church diagonally across the car park. All welcome. Also please feel free to register as a parishioner on our community census. The link is available on the blogspot.

Please remember the sick in your prayers, especially Jane Carey, Kathryn Nader, Tony Caruso, Luise Obrist (Gaby Freer’s mother), Vincenza Martucci (Ines Barson’s mother). Please remember also the recently deceased, especially Judy Brennan and Richard Kenneth Robinson (Lorna Middeldorp’s father) and also those whose anniversaries occur about this time.


Link to Daily Mass text and The Divine Office in English and Latin: