Calendar and Notices

Liturgical schedule

Sun 18th April – Sun 25th April 2021 

Sunday 18th 
2nd Sunday after Easter, 2cl 

 Mon 19th
 Feria, 4cl 

 Tue 20th 
Feria, 4cl 

 Wed 21st 
 St Anselm, Bp, Cf, D, 3cl 

 Thu 22nd 
 Ss Soter and Caius, Popes, MM, 3cl 

 Fri 23rd 
 Feria, 4cl 
Comm of St George, M 

 Sat 24th 
 St Fidelis of Sigmaringen, M, 3cl 

 Sunday 25th 
 3rd Sunday after Easter, 2cl 
Comm of the Greater Litanies. 


The following Adult Education Classes will be livestreamed (ad experimentum) this week here (available for 48hrs after class):

7.30pm Mondays: ‘Fundamentals of the Faith’ 
(a systematic catechism course for adults).

7.30pm Thursdays: 'Apologetics for Atheists' 
(a course defending the Faith especially against Atheistic objectors).


Mass times for this week:

Monday: 7am & 9.30am
Tuesday & Wednesday: 9.30am only
Thursday: 7am only
Friday: 7am & 6.30pm
Saturday: 8.30am Sung Mass
Sunday: 8am Low Mass, 9.15am Sung Mass, 5pm Low Mass

Beginners Latin continues this Tuesday at 7.15pm.

Monday 26th April is a public holiday. There will be one mass at 8.30am thay day.

Professor Richard Rymarz would like to start his survey of Young Latin Mass Catholics for his research project which was postponed last year by Covid. The initial interviews will now be by Zoom. Those who expressed a willingness to participate in the research project last year will be contacted by Fr McCaffrey during the week. Thank you for your generosity.

If you have any broken rosary beads or parts of rosaries that you wish to have recycled you can leave these at the bookstore table after mass.

Welcome to new parishioners. If you are new to the Latin Mass or new to Holy Name, please don’t hesitate to introduce yourself to either Fr McCaffrey or Fr Sofatzis after mass. There is a cuppa after the 9.15am mass every Sunday in the tea room behind the church diagonally across the car park. All welcome.

Please respect the social distancing norms, sanitise your hands and either scan the QR code displayed at each door or record your name by hand each time you enter the church. As a public health measure the Archbishop has also asked Catholics to refrain from congregational singing at mass for the present. The Covid Marshals for this Sunday are 8am Rob Marsh, 9.15am Brian Moran, 5pm Peter Balan.

Please remember the sick in your prayers, especially Anne Russell, Christopher Boast, Terry Hockley (Jess Marsh’s father), Germaine Miernik, Vincenza Martucci (Ines Barson’s mother). Please remember also the recently deceased and those whose anniversaries occur about this time.


Act of Spiritual Communion (St Alphonsus Ligouri):

“My Jesus, I believe that you are present in the Blessed Sacrament. I love you above all things and I desire you with all my heart. Since I cannot now receive you sacramentally, I ask you to come spiritually into my heart. I embrace you as if you were already in my heart and unite myself to you completely. Please do not let me ever by separated from you. Amen”

Link to Daily Mass text and The Divine Office in English and Latin:

Details on the Plenary Indulgence available for those affected by the coronavirus and those who pray for them:

Podcasts of Interest:
Pints with Aquinas
Fr Mike Schmitz Catholic Podcast

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Stations of the Cross

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Text of the hymn At the Cross her station keeping (Stabat Mater)

At the cross her station keeping,
Stood the mournful Mother weeping,
Close to Jesus to the last ...
Through her heart, His sorrow sharing,
All His bitter anguish bearing,
Now at length the sword had pass'd.

Oh, how sad and sore distress'd
Was that Mother highly blest
Of the sole-begotten One!

Christ above in torment hangs;
She beneath beholds the pangs
Of her dying glorious Son.

Is there one who would not weep,
Whelm'd in miseries so deep
Christ's dear Mother to behold?

Can the human heart refrain
From partaking in her pain,
In that Mother's pain untold?

Bruis'd, derided, curs'd, defil'd,
She beheld her tender child
All with bloody scourges rent.

For the sins of His own nation,
Saw Him hang in desolation,
Till His spirit forth He sent.

O thou Mother! fount of love!
Touch my spirit from above;
Make my heart with thine accord.

Make me feel as thou hast felt;
Make my soul to glow and melt
With the love of Christ our Lord.

Holy Mother! pierce me through;
In my heart each wound renew
Of my Saviour crucified.

Let me share with thee His pain,
Who for all my sins was slain,
Who for me in torments died.

Let me mingle tears with thee,
Mourning Him who mourn'd for me,
All the days that I may live.

By the cross with thee to stay,
There with thee to weep and pray,
Is all I ask of thee to give.

Virgin of all virgins best,
Listen to my fond request
Let me share thy grief divine.

Let me, to my latest breath,
In my body bear the death
Of that dying Son of thine.

Wounded with His every wound,
Steep my soul till it hath swoon'd
In His very blood away.

Be to me, O Virgin, nigh,
Lest in flames I burn and die,
In His awful Judgment day.

Christ, when Thou shalt call me hence,
Be Thy Mother my defence,
Be Thy cross my victory.

While my body here decays,
May my soul Thy goodness praise,
Safe in Paradise with Thee. Amen.